Adobe InCopy CC 2015.0 RePack Multilanguage

Adobe InCopy CC 2015.0

Registered version with 27 languages ​​to choose from, including Russian, English and Ukrainian.

Adobe InCopy CC 2015 - the program for professional writing and editing, which is closely related to Adobe InDesign CC program to improve the interaction between teams of designers and editors.
Adobe InCopy CC 2015.0

Adobe InCopy CC 2015.0

  • Conditional text. You can quickly create multiple versions of a document based on the source file, Adobe InCopy CC. Create a book for teachers / students, multilingual publishing, and much more, creating conditions and applying them to text to hide content without using layers.
  • Editing tables in preview mode "Material" and "Proofs". Edit your table content directly in the text layout in preview mode "Proofs" and "material" that allows you to fix the location of the text without impacting table design.
  • Tracking changes in tables. Speed ​​up document reviews with the ability to track changes in tables. View changes to table content directly in the document InCopy CC, without relying on hard copies.
  • Built-in editorial notes in tables. Easily collaborate on table content by storing alternate text messages exchanged between a writer and editor, as well as other comments and notes relating to specific text in a table. You can easily add, delete, hide and show notes, as well as move between them.
  • Support for cross-references. Simplify writing and drafting long documents by creating cross-references are updated when you change or move the contents within the document Adobe InDesign.
  • Support for reverse rotation. Easily edit non-horizontal content with support for turning a reversal in steps of 90 °. Spread rotation introduced in InDesign CC, maintained in InCopy CC.
  • Easily create hyperlinks. Create compelling interactive documents with hyperlinks that navigate to external URL-addresses or files, jump to another page, etc. Quickly convert text into a hyperlink and check them directly in the document InCopy CC.
  • Adjustable panel "Communication". Use the custom panel "Links" with a new design for search, sort, manage and organize all placed files in documents and collections InCopy the CC, including associated files InCopy. For more information, click the thumbnail files.
  • Creating a single-turn. Create documents that include single-page spreads for greater time savings and flexibility when composing and editing content.
  • Using Adobe ConnectNow. Open share your screen and collaborate in real time with your team members through Adobe ConnectNow, wherever they are. It is possible to work across platforms and invite up to two guests to work together online using Adobe ConnectNow service through InCopy.

Adobe InCopy CC 2015.0

New in Adobe InCopy CC:
  • New tool "eyedropper". The tool "eyedropper" to copy the selected text formatting attributes and apply them to the next selection.Individual formatting attributes are selected and configured in the dialog box, "Tool Options" pipette "." See. Copying text attributes ( "eyedropper" tool).
  • Paragraphs that span multiple columns. In InCopy CS5, you can create paragraphs that span multiple columns. You can also split a paragraph into multiple columns within the same text frame. See. Create paragraphs that span and split columns.
  • Variables signature. In InDesign CS5, you can create metadata based on image signatures, using a variety of ways. In an interactive captions use a new text variable called "Supporting signature metadata." You can create and edit text variables signatures for use in InDesign.
  • Advanced features "Track Changes." Change Tracking feature is now available in both InCopy, and in InDesign CS5. In InCopy, change tracking panel includes intuitive icons. In the menu "Change" contains additional options that allow you to accept or reject the changes in the current or a copy of all materials. Also provided an opportunity to accept or reject the changes made by individual reviewers. See. Tracking and reviewing changes.
  • Mini Bridge. Mini Bridge is a subset of Adobe Bridge, presented in the form of a panel in InCopy. Take a preview of files on the local hard drive or server without launching Adobe Bridge and leaving InCopy. Drag and drop files into editable frames or open them directly from InCopy, it is easier and faster.
  • Improved integration with Adobe Bridge. A new option in the "File Handling" section allows you to create thumbnails of the pages not only for the first page of InCopy files. The default number of pages to generate thumbnails is 2, but this number may be changed to 1, 2, 5, 10, or "all". Thumbnails can now be viewed on the panel "View" in the Bridge. When you select a large number of pages to generate thumbnails for the time spent on the preservation of InCopy documents increases.
  • Fonts installed document. In InDesign CS5, if you select the document fonts included in the package, created by a team of "Pack", the InDesign creates a folder named "Document Fonts." When you open an InDesign file, or an InCopy, located in the same folder that contains the folder "Document Fonts", these fonts are installed automatically. See. Document installed fonts.
  • Integration with Buzzword. Buzzword is a word processor with a web interface that allows you to create and store text files on a web server. In InCopy CS5 can import text from Buzzword documents and Export content to Buzzword.
  • Enhanced layers. Palette "Layers" in InCopy provides a higher degree of control over the documents. The individual page elements arranged on a layer may be hidden or blocked. See. The use of layers.
  • Improvements saving function. Closing documents and save changes to multiple stories now run faster thanks to multithreading mode. The palette "Background Tasks" ( "Window"> "Utilities"> "Background Tasks") shows the progress of ongoing processes.
  • Palette "Tool Hints." The palette "Tool Hints" lists all the modifier keys for the currently selected tool. See. Viewing tips.
  • Community Help. Adobe Community Help provides access to the complete documentation on the Adobe products, as well as to educational materials, created by the community, and other learning content on Adobe.com website. Adobe Community Help includes the online help viewer based on the AIR, displaying the latest version or local version, if the Internet connection is not available. Community Help also includes expert commentary and user assessment documentation, knowledge base articles, tutorials, and other materials Adobe.
  • Edit Original for multiple selected items. Select multiple placed images on the page or in the palette "Links" you can select "Edit Original" to open the image in the original application for further editing. See. Edit original artwork.
  • Other improvements. Zoom from dialog boxes You can now zoom in and zoom display, even if the modal dialog box open in the view mode "Layout". Press «Ctrl» + «-» or «Ctrl» + «=» (Windows) or «Command» + «-» or «Command» + «=».
  • Saving the provisions of the preview checkbox. InCopy now remembers Program, put there in the dialog box preview box after you exit and restart the program.
  • The "Copy in the selection." In the dialog box "Print" option available "copies selection" that allows you to avoid manual sorting prints.
  • The new standard font. The default font is changed from Times (Mac) and Times New Roman (Windows) to the cross-platform version of the OpenType font Minion Pro Regular.
  • Collapse multiple links to the same source. In InCopy CS5, links to images placed in the document several times, fold in the palette "Links" in a single line. This folding can now be overridden by the new value in the "Palette Options" dialog box.
  • Change or move the menu command. Changed the location of the menu command.

(thanks Painter in). • Original distributions with clamping components, thereby able to reduce the size of installers. • Implemented the ability to update installed Adobe InCopy CC 2015.0 to version 2015.0 without reinstalling the program with activation preservation • two bit with the possibility of combined in one installer Group selection

Adobe InCopy CC 2015.0

System requirements:
• the Intel the Pentium 4 processor or AMD Athlon 64 
• Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Windows 8 
• 2 GB of RAM (8 GB) 
• 2 GB of free hard disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (can not install on removable storage devices based on flash memory) 
• Monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 (recommended 1280 x 800) with 32-bit video card 
• Internet connection for registration and activation of the necessary software, check subscriber status and access to online services

Download Adobe InCopy CC 2015.0 (860,39 MB)

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