AVG Internet Security 2016 16.41.7441

AVG Internet Security 2016 16.41.7441

AVG Internet Security 2016 - comprehensive antivirus with better detection of threats, thanks to the "cloud" service File Reputation, easy to manage firewall and optimized working with AVG Scan Turbo technology to quickly scan your computer.
AVG Internet Security 2016 16.41.7441

Includes features to protect against viruses:
• AntiVirus 
• the Link Protection 
• Email Protection 
• Online Shield 
• Data Storage 
• More frequent automatic updates 
• Anti-Spam 
• Purchase Protection
AVG Internet Security 2016 16.41.7441

Security from AVG Internet Security 2016:

• Anti-
Blocks and removes viruses, worms and Trojans, as well as prevent their spread. 
• Protection against malicious software
protects against malware and prevents possible contamination. 
• Protection Anti-Rootkit
Prevents capturing computer unauthorized control . 
• e-mail Scanner
Detects and blocks infected or fraudulent investments that can harm your computer. Operates as a plug-in for e-mail applications, including Microsoft Outlook®, or mailboxes scanner working on the POP3, SMTP, and the IMAP. 
• Protective cloud technology
to detect and prevent the spread of threats in the cloud using the automatic update antivirus software. 
• Network security community
constantly analyze new threats faced by members of the community to adequately respond to them. Constantly improving the anti-virus protection to the whole community the AVG. 
• the AVG LinkScanner® the Surf-Shield
Smart technology, which prevents infected and visiting fraudulent Web sites. This technology involves an active analysis of web pages and download the cessation of any suspicious objects. 
• Protection while working on social networks
Check the links that you share on social networks such as Facebook® and Twitter®, in order to protect you and your friends. 
• Anti-spam
Blocks spamming and other fraud. Identifies suspicious objects and executable code in an e-mail to prevent spammers attacks. 
• the AVG Online Shield ™
Analyzes files before you download them and protects files using MSN services, Yahoo! and ICQ.
AVG Internet Security 2016 16.41.7441

Confidentiality of AVG Internet Security 2016:

• the File Shredder
Average removal is not always enough for a complete data disappearance. Component File Shredder securely deletes the data in a way to prevent access to them, and restore other users. 
• Data Storage
Encryption and storage of documents, images and any other files on a password-protected and is located on the PC virtual disk. Use Windows Explorer to move the files into the data warehouse, and open them in the same way as with any other disk. 
• the AVG the Identity Protection ™
analyzes the behavior of software in real-time and determines the level of its security. This feature protects against threats zero-day and malicious programs that can steal your passwords, bank account details and other important information in digital form. 
• Anti-of Spyware
Protects your privacy from spyware and adware, which is invisible to you collect important personal information. 
• the WiFi the Guard
Helps avoid hotspots Wi-Fi, used by hackers to alert you when the computer tries to access an unknown network Wi-Fi access. the AVG of Internet Security 2016 is designed for fast work! • TURBOSCAN significantly reduces scanning time by an optimized sequence scanning, in which the files are scanned in the order they are stored on the hard disk. • mode "during the game" Reduces scanning and updating priorities during the game to avoid freezes and slowing down the system. In addition, it protects your game profile from hackers attempting to steal and sell your game achievements. • the Smart the Scanner scans the computer only when it is not used. Changes to the low-priority mode when you activate the mouse or keyboard. To speed up scanning ignoring files that have already been checked and the security is not in doubt. • Accelerator Improves the speed of connection and download the binary data to provide a stable and fast playback of streaming video. Significantly improves the viewing of videos on YouTube.

AVG Internet Security 2016 16.41.7441

What's new in version 16.41.7441:
• Optimized performance Resident Shield driver

OS: the Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP (32 | 64-bit). 

Download AVG Internet Security 2016 16.41.7441 program for x86 (219,7 MB)

Download AVG Internet Security 2016 16.41.7441 program for x64 (240,9 MB) 
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