DxO Optics Pro 10.5.4 Build 1190 Elite

DxO Optics Pro 10.5.4 Build 1190 Elite

The Pro Optics' of DxO - professional application that can improve and correct your collection of digital photos. DxO Optics Pro includes a set of advanced technologies, with which you can adjust the brightness, contrast, color balance, eliminate distortion and improved clarity of images, correct color and exposure on the edges and corners of the photos, adjust white balance, taking into account the color temperature and more .
DxO Optics Pro 10.5.4 Build 1190 Elite

All work DxO Optics Pro resembles the work of RAW-converters. This is not surprising, because the basic application DxO Optics lies in the processing of digital negatives. It is interesting to note that the original program was developed to correct geometric distortion optics. Then add components in a product other deficiencies corrected optics. Soon there were a means to support RAW modern cameras and basic tools systematization of the material. And where the RAW can not do without the exposure control and color. As a result of, in general, a simple utility to correct various distortions, DxO Optics has grown into a powerful software product that allows you to perform a wide range of adjustments to images. During the first start you are offered a choice of three options for options. The first of these involves a fully automatic mode, the second - control with a wizard, and a third expert, reveals all the possibilities of software. By default selected third paragraph.Probably, it is reasonable. It is better to use all the features of the program and then decide whether they are needed in everyday life. If not, you can go to a more simple regimens. But, most likely, this need not arise, because the interface DxO Optics competently structured, and homogeneous clutter options never arises. Program can not be called a very simple, but the consistency and predictability of user interaction significantly simplifies the introduction and subsequent work with the product.

DxO Optics Pro 10.5.4 Build 1190 Elite

DxO Optics has an interesting opportunity for not just use a batch mode adjustment of the material, and do it comfortably. You can select multiple thumbnails within the project and create one single stack (stack). In the future, all adjustments are automatically applied to all documents within the stack. Visually, a stack of pictures is different from the individual documents white frame and adding the word stack with serial number to the filename. It is worth noting that the current state of the project at any time to save to your hard drive. For instance, you returned from a wedding, and want to process thousands of photos. The evening, you valites feet, but tears curiosity, what was the result? You can start the evening, fixing dozens of key personnel, and all other operations until the next day. Suffice it to only run the program and open the project. By the way, you can work with several projects simultaneously. At first glance, it is not necessary. However, the benefits of such a possibility is viewed in if you want to remember what adjustments result in such a beautiful photos. It's enough just to open the second draft and switch to it using a special menu on the left side of the bottom row of images. Key Features: • Optical photo correction • Converting RAW files to other graphic formats • Optimize species photographs • Excellent work with the distortions and distortsiey caused by the optics • Removal of various noise, dust and other distortions • Easy to use thought-out interface • Ability to work with Photoshop, Lightroom and Flickr

DxO Optics Pro 10.5.4 Build 1190 Elite

OS: the Windows 7/8/10 - 64 bit only 

Download DxO Optics Pro 10.5.4 Build 1190 Elite (346.73 MB)
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