Here's what's new in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 preview build 10532

Microsoft Edge

In addition to the new features that are included in Windows 10 preview build 10532that came out today, the Microsoft Edge web browser team has been busy as well. The new preview build also includes a new version of Edge with a number of features that are being made available to Windows Insiders before they are released to all Windows 10 users:
  • * Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock)
  • * Extended srcset (sizes)
  • * Canvas blending modes
  • * Meter element
  • * oninvalid event handler
  • * input type=time
  • * input type=text selectionDirection
Some new Chakra features in Edge are also now available to check out in this version:
  • * asm.js now enabled by default (previously behind a flag)
  • * ES2015 Classes now enabled by default (previously behind a  flag)
  • * ES2015 Destructuring now available behind the Experimental  JavaScript features flag
  • * ES2015 conformance updates
  • * ES2016 Async Functions now available behind the      Experimental JavaScript features flag
There is one known issue listed:
"Initial groundwork for the Object RTC API is in this build, but is not yet functional. This may trigger feature detection for Object RTC. A working implementation will be available in preview builds soon."
While most of those features will only be of interest to web site coders and designers, it does show that the Microsoft Edge team is still working to improve the browser. We are still waiting for the promised addition of Chrome-like extension support for Edge; that might come later this fall.
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