Pinnacle of the Ultimate Studio, the Content +

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate + Content

Movie Editing Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate is very popular among users who are engaged in the creation and editing of video.Predstavlyaeem updated version of the software from the world leader in the field of professional video and audio technology - the company Corel. Speed ​​rendering in the new version has increased to 10 times through an updated "engine" and support nVidia CUDA and Intel QuickSync technology. This video editor allows you to achieve amazing results and realize their wildest creative ideas thanks to a very high performance, new features and performance, as well as a rich collection of content with over 2000 effects.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate + Content

Making movies with Studio is in three stages:

. Import Download the source video to the PC hard drive. Possible sources include analog videotape (8mm, VHS, etc.), Digital video recorders (DV, Digital8), memory card or other file media, as well as real-time video from a video camera, camcorder or webcam. Editing . Place the video in the desired by reordering scenes and discarding unwanted footage. Add visual effects such as transitions, titles and graphics, and supplementary audio, such as sound effects and background music. When DVD recorder, Blu-ray and VCD, create interactive menus that give your audience a customized viewing experience. The conclusion of the film. Once the project is completed, a finished movie in your choice of format storage medium: tape, VCD-drive, S-VCD -disc, DVD-RW, an AVI file, MPEG, RealVideo, Windows Media, etc. Some features:

  • Advanced tools for editing movies, including markers and keyframes
  • Powerful media editor to edit videos, photos and audio files without resorting to third-party applications
  • Media Editor for making edits or effects to videos, photos and audio multi-timeline editor, offering professional ways to edit video and audio tracks. It includes many smooth transitions between frames and different effects. It allows you to work with many layers
  • Professional firmware and plug-ins
  • A set of Red Giant plug-ins
  • Complete Avid content Set
  • 100 additional HD video transitions
  • A comprehensive collection of video tutorials from Class on Demand ™
  • Editor-moving titles (motion titler) to add animated graphics and text
  • SmartTools tools that will help in the complicated installation and speed up the process of creating your films or videos
  • Create videos with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound
  • Record Blu-ray, DVD discs
  • Green fabric 5'x6 'chroma-key to change the main object and the background video location
  • Create professional movies and multimedia projects using technologies Technology Trusted by Hollywood

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate + Content

OS: the Windows® 7/8/10 

Download Pinnacle Studio Ultimate - x32 (2.37 GB):

Download Pinnacle Studio Ultimate program - x64 (2.38 GB): 

Download Pinnacle Studio Standart / Bonus Content - x32 (919.95 MB) 

Download Pinnacle Studio Standart / Bonus Content - x64 (920.61 MB) 

Download Pinnacle Studio Premium Content - x32 (1.02 GB): 

Download Pinnacle Studio Premium Content - x64 (1.02 GB): 

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