The Apple iPad Pro 9.7 has only 2GB of RAM

Apple made the 9.7-inch iPad Pro selling point for the device abundantly clear - it is apparently intended as a PC replacement. This did sound like kind of a stretch from the get go, considering the existence of the larger and more productivity-friendly 12.9-inch version of the same basic product. But as the smoke cleared, people started poking even more holes in the whole plan.

Yesterday, it became clear that the A9X chip powering the new iPad is underclocked and works at around 2.16 GHz, compared to the one inside the 12.9-inch model, that clocks in at 2.24GHz. But if that wasn't enough, today a few Geekbench screenshots have surfaced, showing that the new iPad Pro only has 2GB of RAM available, compared to 4GB in the 12.9-inch model.

Discussing such performance metrics has always been a taboo topic in the Apple realm and Cupertino will surely reaffirm its stance that iOS will run just as well on both devices. However, when you are going to toss around lofty statements of going after PC -rade productivity, this might be more of a valid discussion.
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