Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

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The Backup the Titanium - a powerful program for creating backup copies are installed on the Android device applications, and other user data. With this software you can easily recover lost data or freeze references, applications, and other data. To the loss of important files was not a surprise to you, the app offers to set up a backup automatically according to schedule. However, you can go the other way and create backups manually at any time. The Titanium the Backup allows you to view the contents of all folders and receive accurate details about each file. Easy to move from the internal memory to external data, and vice versa - is a huge plus of this software.

Titanium Backup

• Backup and restore of any application, as well as data and settings 
• Batch processing by custom schedule with the ability to change the number of backups and encryption 
• No time limit 
• Very fast app listing (~ 1 second to 300 applications) 
• Sort apps by name / date of RC / RC frequency 
• Filter apps by name / type / status / label Apps Organizer'a (also affects the batch processing) 
• Backup / restore normal applications + their settings 
• Backup backup / restore protected apps + their settings 
• backup and restore system apps + their settings (including Wi-Fi AP list) 
• Clean Dalvik cache 
• Restoring the links in the store when you restore applications 
• Batch backup in the background at the touch 
• Interactive batch restore 
• Many batch scenarios (eg if more than N days since the last backup, etc.) 
• Transfer of third party apps and their data on the memory card 
• "freeze" applications (ie. h. It allows you to hide system apps) 
• Deleting applications one by pressing 
• Deleting system applications at the touch 
• Widget on the desktop 
• Backup scheduled once or twice a week 
• Defining a custom application filter lists, color and scheduled actions 
• Multiple backup application ( history coverage can be set) 
• Batch backup recovery in the background at the touch 
• backup encryption (asymmetric cryptography: to restore the required passphrase) 
• Batch verification of all backups 
• Superfast HyperShell (much faster) 
• Market Doctor can fix any broken links in the Market (only for the applications for which the backups with reference have been established) 
• application freeze can disable the app (and make it invisible) without removing 
• Batch freezing / defrosting applications 
• Unlimited, independent scheduled backups (each of which can be launched from the 1 to 7 times a week) 
• Cleaning of the Dalvik-cache can free up precious internal memory 
• Integration of system application updates directly to your firmware to release even more built-in memory 
• Full integration with Dropbox (allows you to save and get all your backups on a remote server in case of loss of phone or an error on the SD card) 
• application Signature with your name Changes in version

The when the FC the Fixed • changing the location The backups folder, the if the TB DocumentsProvider Denies the access to the location The for LEO previous.
• the Fixed the FC DURING the app the backup on some platforms.
• the Major translation updates.

Titanium Backup Titanium Backup Titanium Backup
Titanium Backup Titanium Backup Titanium Backup

®Root: optional OS: All Android 1.5 and above Language: Multiyazychny / Russian 

Download Titanium Backup (16,8 MB):
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