Top Windows 10 Photo Editing Apps

Whether you capture photographs from your Windows Phone or a stand-alone digital camera, there will be times when a photo editor will come in handy from your Windows 10 computer. These editors can help you fine-tune your image or customize it with special effects filters.
While there is a host of photo editors available on the Windows Phone side of the coin, this roundup is focusing on the photo editors available for Windows 10. We are excluding any programs available from third party vendors such as Photoshop Elements and spotlighting the editors offered through the Windows Store.
We have selected four of the top rated offerings from the Windows Store to highlight. As a bonus, each of these apps is available for both Windows and Windows Phone devices.


Fhotoroom is a popular Windows Phone photo editor and is also a pretty solid Windows 10 photo editor. Described as a Photography Experience Platform, Fhotoroom is part photo editor and part photo sharing network.
You can share your photos with one of the fastest growing communities of photo enthusiast or if you prefer, simply use Fhotoroom to fine-tune your images. The editing aspect can handle file sizes up to 41MP files with full EXIF and GPS metadata support. You also have RAW support for 150 file formats along with JPEG, PNG and TIFF files.
Editing tools are extensive and include your basic editing tools (exposure, saturation, contrast, cropping, etc.). You also have a collection of presets to add effect filters to your images.
Then there is the Pro Tools that helps set Fhotoroom apart from other Windows photo editors. These Pro Tools include HDR conversion, tilt shift, Tiny Planets conversion, color splash, filter brush and more. Edited images can be saved directly to your hard drive, shared on Fhotoroom's social network or shared using the Windows universal picker.
I've been using Fhotoroom for years from both my Windows Phone and Windows tablets. It has a relatively small footprint with regards to storage space (22MB) but a huge footprint with regards to features. The core app is free and offers you plenty of editing horsepower. There are several in-app purchase opportunities to choose from the will open up Fhotoroom's editing abilities further.


Adobe is a leader in digital photography editing software and, personally, Adobe's Photoshop Elements is my primary photo editor from my Windows 10 computer. Adobe's Photoshop Express is a lighter option that is well suited for mobile devices where storage space may be limited. It is also an attractive option for those looking for an editor that covers the basics without getting too deep into things.
Photoshop Express for Windows 10 has the ability to edit existing photos stored on your computer, edit images stored on Adobe's Revel cloud storage and edit photos captured from your devices camera (where applicable).
Photoshop Express
Editing tools covers the basics rather nicely and include:
  • Cropping
  • Adjustments for Contrast, Exposure, White Balance
  • Apply dozens of special effects filters
  • Red-eye Reduction
You can make adjustments to your images manually or tap the Auto-Fix button and let Photoshop Express make the necessary adjustments. Additional add-on components are available through in-app purchase for noise reduction tools and additional effects filters.
Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express is a nice, basic photo editor worth considering. If memory space is at a premium (say with a Windows 10 tablet) Photoshop Express has a small footprint of 10MBs.


Fotor is another solid photo editing choice for Windows 10. Fotor takes more of an all-in-one approach with both a healthy photo editor and collage creator rolled into one app.
Let's start with Fotor's photo editing feature. Here you can adjust the basics (exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, etc.) as well as crop your images, add effects filters, add borders and add text boxes. You also have a tilt-shift tool and thirteen preset scenes that can be applied to your photos.
Fotor Photo Editor
Fotor has support for RAW file conversion, along with the ability to resize images. Compared to the other two Windows 10 photo editors in this roundup, I would place Fotor's editor, with regards to capabilities, somewhere between Photoshop Express and Fhotoroom.
The collage generator has three different modes; template collage, photo stitching and shuffle collage. The template collage is fairly straightforward in that you choose your images and Fotor populates a collage frame with them. You can choose a different template layout and shuffle your pictures around.
Fotor Collage Creator
The free style feature provides you with a blank canvass and you position your images to your liking. While you might think photo stitching is a tool for building panoramic images, it is more of a film strip creator. The end product reminds me of the old picture booth film strips.
All in all, Fotor is a quality photo editor to consider. It has a respectable amount of photo editing tools delivered in a user-friendly package.


PhotoFunia is a photo editor that you use just for the fun of it. While technically a photo editor, PhotoFunia lacks any tools to fine-tune your photograph. Instead, it has a boatload of templates that you can insert your own images into.
Curious what your favorite sunset picture would look like on a billboard? There are dozens of billboard templates ranging from cityscapes to snow covered mountains. Or how about your photo as a tattoo? There are several templates for that as well.
The main page for PhotoFunia will highlight the newest effects and display a category listing of the effects. You can tag effects templates as a favorite for easy access off the main page as well.
Once you have selected an effect you can use an existing image or capture a new image to use (that is if you are using a device with a camera). Some templates will require you to crop your image before blending your image with the effect.
While PhotoFunia can help you build some rather creative images, it can also save you on storage space. You load the core app, which is about 2MB's in size, and the templates are downloaded as needed, applied and all that is left is the final image.
While PhotoFunia may not be capable of being your daily photo editor, it is still a fun photo app to have on your Windows device. It will not take up much room and will provide you with the means to create some unique photos. PhotoFunia is a free, ad-supported app. You do have the option to remove the ad support through a $3.99 in-app purchase.

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