5 Reasons Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp

Google Allo is a recently launched instant messaging app that could be thought of as a competitor to the champion WhatsApp. Why I’m saying this because it has some killer features which can put it ahead of other players. Allo will also avenge Hangouts and Gmail which are Google’s failed instant messaging attempts.
WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app with around 1 billion monthly active users. That’s why the newest entrant in the instant messaging space needs to defeat WhatsApp in order to become the king. So, here are five reasons Google Allo can replace WhatsApp.

Motion Cluster: The new instant messaging app Google Allo has amazing features like Smart Reply, Incognito mode, Shout/Whisper, and Google Assistant AI bot. But it faces tough competition from the Facebook-owned veteran WhatsApp. Can Google Allo take the place of WhatsApp? Here are 5 reasons why Google Allo is better than WhatsApp.

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