IOS 10 Jailbreak By Pangu's [Step By Step Guide]

Download Pangu - http://sh.st/12ERc

After many months of speculation, Apple has finally unveiled iOS 10 in all its glory. As expected, there is not much change to the aesthetics of the firmware but there are several new features, which we shall talk a little about later on, along with the iOS 10 jailbreak. First, the iOS 10 download has been made available to all iOS users starting Sep 7th 2016.

The big question is, can we jailbreak iOS 10 using Pangu 10 ? Obviously, at this stage in the jailbreak scene, no there isn’t and there is now a huge black cloud hovering over the future of jailbreaking. Last year, when Apple released El Capitan, the latest Mac software, it was noted that a new security feature was included. Called System Integrity Protection (SIP), or “Rootless”, it was designed to stop even those with admin privileges access to certain files and data in the firmware and a similar system has just been introduced with iOS 10. At this stage, we can’t be certain how this is going to affect the iOS 10 jailbreak. We will, of course, keep you updated; we have no doubt that if there is a way in, Pangu will find it.

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