Check to see if you're covered by the Project Fi network

Networks, when you think about it, come down to one thing: coverage.
If you're not covered where you live, work and travel ... well, nothing else matters. But in partnering with three U.S. carriers — SprintT-Mobile and U.S. Cellular — Google's Project Fi definitely has an interesting advantage. (And remember you also have calling available over Wi-Fi when you need it.)
But the question stands: Will you have Project Fi coverage where you live? And, of course, there's a handy map for that.
Google Project Fi coverage map
To see if you're covered by Google's Project Fi, just visit fi.google.com/coverage and enter your location on the map — and no matter where you search, you can always zoom and scroll around to see what the surrounding area is like as well.
Like other carriers you'll get a color-coded map that shows you the darkest green for full LTE coverage, or lighter areas for 3G and 2G. The map is pretty good about pointing out specific areas around a state or city that may come up short on coverage, and while the actual real-world experience can never be perfectly mapped this is a great place to start.
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